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NMC Code of Conduct

NMC Code of Conduct

The NMC Code of Conduct as set out on by the Nursing and Midwifery Council states:

The Code contains the professional standards that registered nurses and midwives must uphold. UK nurses and midwives must act in line with the Code, whether they are providing direct care to individuals, groups or communities or bringing their professional knowledge to bear on nursing and midwifery practice in other roles, such as leadership, education or research. While you can interpret the values and principles set out in the Code in a range of different practice settings, they are not negotiable or discretionary. Source

NMC Code of Conduct

A failure to comply with the NMC Code may bring nurses fitness to practise into question."

The NMC Code of Conduct has been effective from 31 March 2015. This Code ‘reflects the world in which we live and work today, and changing roles and expectations of nurses and midwives’. The NMC Code of Conduct is structured around four key themes –

  • prioritise people,
  • practise effectively,
  • preserve safety and
  • promote professionalism and trust.

The NMC Code of Conduct were developed in collaboration with many who care about good nursing and midwifery, the Code can be ‘used by nurses and midwives as a way of reinforcing their professionalism’. On the other hand, a failure to comply with the Code may bring their fitness to practise into question. When facing accusations of a failure to comply with the Nurses Code of Conduct, it is very important that you seek professional help as soon as possible.

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Nurses and midwives facing NMC Codes of Conduct allegations often feel isolated and extremely anxious. We can help If you are a nurse or midwife facing issues with registration. Have you had a complaint made against you? Are you facing allegations about your ability to practise? Have been referred to NMC for investigation? Our nursing defence lawyers have considerable providing legal services for nurses and have considerable experience representing our clients before a variety of tribunals and have represented numerous nurses and midwives working in a spectrum of clinical settings.

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