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Interim Orders

Interim Orders temporarily suspend or place conditions on a nurse or midwife’s practise whilst their case is being investigated.
If the screening team at the NMC identify a particular risk, the case may be referred for an interim orders hearing.
A panel from any committee can hold an interim orders hearing.
An interim orders hearing usually takes place quickly after the referral if a risk is identified but they can take place at any point in the investigation if new information becomes available.
If a Panel decides an interim order is necessary they can suspend the nurse or midwife’s registration or impose conditions with which the nurse or midwife must comply.
A Panel can only impose an interim order if it finds it is necessary to protect the public, is in the public interest or is in the registrant’s interest.
An interim order can be imposed for 18 months but must be reviewed after 6 months and then every 3 months.
NMC Interim Suspension Order

Review of Interim Orders

An interim order review must involve a full reconsideration of the initial interim order in the light of all the circumstances before the panel at the time of the review hearing. The panel may:

  • revoke the interim order of revoke any condition imposed;
  • confirm the interim order;
  • vary any condition imposed by the interim order;
  • replace an interim conditions of practice order with an interim suspension order for the remainder of the order;
  • replace an interim suspension order with an interim conditions of practice order for the duration of the interim order.

Interim Order Extensions

If it becomes necessary to extend an interim order, the NMC may apply to the High Court, Court of Session or High Court of Justice in Northern Ireland for an extension.
The court can extend the interim order for up to 12 months at a time. The Court also has the power to substitute an interim suspension order for an interim conditions of practice order or vice versa.
Having a specialist barrister involved in the early stages of your case can really help and prevent problems later on. NMC defence barristers can strongly argue your case before an interim orders panel to prevent an interim order from being imposed in the first place.

Interim Orders Hearing

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