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NHS under mounting pressure

NHS under mounting pressure this winter

NHS under mounting pressure – There is an increasing awareness that the National Health Service is under mounting pressure today as winter pressures on the service are proving to be the most difficult for some years. In fact, according to media reports, more than four in 10 hospitals in England declared a major alert in the first week of the year as the health service came under increasing pressure.
Nurses in Accident and Emergency Departments and Acute Admissions Units across the country are finding pressure on services and beds a constant issue. Long trolley waits in A&E are increasing with many patients waiting in excess of 12 hours.
A number of professionals working in Health and Social care have written to the Prime Minister asking for cross party dialogue to try to resolve the crisis in funding.
Whilst the challenges of an ageing population are not unknown simply increasing levels of inexperienced staff is not the answer. Surely the answer must lie in asking those staff at the heart of services how to implement change and develop more joined-up thinking between care services.
Last week The Red Cross went as far as saying that the NHS was facing a “humanitarian crisis” however the Prime Minister suggested this was ‘irresponsible’ and ‘overblown’.
The fact however remains that with pressures are mounting on staff, sometimes the best care simply cannot be achieved and mistakes are more likely to be made. If you have made a mistake at work under pressure and a complaint has been made then contact us. We can help.

NHS under mounting pressure

NHS under mounting pressure, strain mounting on staff, and sometimes the best care simply cannot be maintained. Here, mistakes are more likely to be made."

NHS under mounting pressure – has your performance been affected?

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