The NMC have just completed their consultation on changes to the current fitness to practise legislation. The NMC’s plan is to resolve cases more quickly taking only the most serious of cases to a hearing.

At the present time the NMC say they use 80% of their budget on fitness to practise, as all cases are sent for a full adjudication. They say the changes will allow them to take a more proportionate response in less serious cases. Some of the plans involve the introduction an undertakings system similar to that operated by the GMC.

Other proposals are to introduce warnings. Warnings would be issued when a fitness to practise hearing is not necessary but where there may be aspects of the registrant’s past practise or conduct that require a public warning.

In my view, whilst the current system is in need of update and cumbersome some of these proposals may not necessarily be in the best interests of the registrant as they may not be afforded the opportunity of independent adjudication with time and financial factors impinging on that decision.

If you are currently subject to an NMC referral then call us, we can help you through the process.