I thoroughly recommend Catherine Stock to any nurse facing any regulatory issue. Catherine provides a titanium tower of strength through the most difficult of times. Please do not hesitate to call her. I was so relieved when I asked for a ‘second opinion’ on my case. The feeling of being entirely alone left me in an instant and for the first time in months Catherine gave me hope.
Catherine could have said it was ‘too late’, however, she did not. Catherine stepped in and provided more support and invaluable legal advice over and above the call of duty. Catherine is dedicated to nurses and this shines through when you speak to her. She has a great attention to detail and never loses the ‘human’ aspect of matters.
Catherine assessed my case very quickly and came to the crux of the matter in a remarkably short space of time. Catherine exercised due diligence and is very realistic, kind, and to the point. Her experience is wide reaching, as is her depth of understanding.
As a very respected former nurse and Clinical Director, Catherine provides an invaluable insight into the profession and provides a unique understanding into the challenges that nurse face on a day-to-day level. Catherine swiftly identifies any ‘blind spots’ in your case, she works tirelessly to keep you informed at every stage of the NMC process.
Catherine has achieved the very best outcome for me, and I cannot recommend her enough. Her aftercare support is second to none, and her services are extremely cost-effective. Please do not hesitate. Make the call. Your case will be assessed very quickly, and under no-obligation.
Kings View Chambers are there for you every step of the way. They keep you well informed about what is going to happen.  I sincerely hope Kings View will be there providing support to the nursing profession for many years to come. The service provided is unique, individual, kindness itself, sees ‘the bigger picture’, whilst at the same time finds a way to connect with you as the individual from the very first phone call.
I cannot thank Kings View Chambers and Catherine Stock enough. A truly kind, sincere, and amazing service.